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Proofreading is all about finding errors in formatting, punctuation, grammar, and spelling. It’s the final step before publication, whether it is in print or online. It requires a good grasp of grammar and an eagle eye. I specialize in fiction and creative nonfiction, business documents, and websites and blogs. I won’t accept creative writing projects that include erotica, graphic violence, or excessive language. For new customers, I will proofread the first page for free as a sample of what you can expect.

All projects are kept confidential, and the author keeps the rights. I received a certificate of completion from Proofread Anywhere, and I use the latest edition of the Chicago Manual of Style for reference. To make it convenient for clients, I receive projects in the following formats: Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or PDF documents.

Fiction & Nonfiction

As a writer, I know how important it is to put your best foot forward. So whether it’s a book or short story, I can make sure your project is polished before it’s published, especially if you’re self-publishing.

Business Documents

With years of experience in the business world, I can ensure your documents, brochures, and publications are a good reflection of you and your company.

Blog Posts & Websites

Before your blog or website goes live, let’s make it shine. Your website is already live? That’s okay. I can look it over for typos, grammar, and punctuation errors. I get it.
It happens.


Rates may vary depending on the state of the project. By offering rates per word or a flat rate, you know exactly how much to budget for your particular project. Payment plans are also available for large projects because I want to work with you to get your project published. I currently accept payments through PayPal, Venmo, and Zelle.

Pam is a tremendous asset to have when you are working on any writing project. She is creative, sharp, and well-balanced. Pam is well-versed in religion, history, and travel. Her knowledge helps bring a certain depth and color to writing, and she has an “eagle eye” for grammatical errors while knowing the uniqueness of style and format needed for differing genres.
Peggy A., Author

Pam is excellent at formatting content in a contemporary, sharp and easy-to-read way. She has consulted on and helped with final editing on all of our written resources at our martial arts academy. She helps bring focus and clarity to the message we desire to communicate.
Jim C. Owner of HMAA

Let’s make your project the best… together.

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