Pam S. Manley is a writer of short stories and mysteries. She grew up in a small midwestern town surrounded by cornfields and has loved reading and writing since childhood. Her third-grade teacher wrote on one of her report cards, “Pam writes very good stories . . .” There’s always a story or adventure she’s ready to share. She is an organized slob who needs a GPS to find buried treasure on her desk.

An Illinois native, she settled in Ohio after taking an eleven-year scenic route with stops in Virginia and Massachusetts. She is an avid Chicago Cubs fan, but above all, she loves the sport and will talk baseball with anyone willing to put up with it. She’s a sucker for a salted caramel chai latte, especially iced with whip cream. Her personal theology is that God did not create mornings, but that they are from the devil. When the weather cooperates (above 50 degrees), she enjoys walking to the beach or hitting a bike trail. And when her schedule permits, she loves traveling, especially to new places.

Pam has stories published in the anthology On the Platform Waiting and Pilcrow & Dagger magazine. She is also a member of Sisters in Crime. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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